Faculty Profile

Associate Professor Ariel Burstein received his Ph.D. from Northwestern University.
Research interests include: International Macroeconomics

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October 26, 2016

Upcoming Events

October 27, 2016

Welcome New Faculty Members

The Department of Economics is pleased to introduce our new faculty members:
Assistant Professor Youssef Benzarti (Ph.D. 2016, University of California, Berkeley)
Assistant Professor Michela Giorcelli (Ph.D. 2016, Stanford University)
Assistant Professor Martin Hackmann (Ph.D. 2014, Yale University, previously an Assistant Professor at Pennsylvania State University)

Also joining us this year as a Visiting Professor is Volker Nocke, on leave from Mannheim University in Germany.

Professor Benzarti will be teaching Econ 11, Intermediate Microeconomics
Professor Giorcelli will be teaching Econ 181, Economic History
Professor Hackmann will be teaching Econ 131, Health Economics
Professor Nocke will be teaching Econ 170, Industrial Organization

Understanding the Current Economy: UCLA Economists Speak Out

In recent months, UCLA economists have actively written and spoken about the current economic crisis. We have compiled links (in chronological order) to the various opinions and ideas put forth by our economics faculty on issues such as how the current disaster was allowed to develop, how the proposed economic policies are likely to work, and what the future holds for our economy.

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