Mathematical Foundations

Math Camp and Econ 200

Meets in Pub. Aff. 1234 except Thur when we move to Pub. Aff. 1246

Instructor: John Riley




 As preparation for the first year courses in the doctoral program, the department requires that students participate in a two week MATH CAMP.  In recent years lectures have been scheduled once or twice a day in the two weeks preceding the first week of classes.  In 2018, Math Camp will meet as scheduled below. START DATE: WED SEPTEMBER 12

Studying economics at the graduate level requires a considerable degree of comfort with mathematics. An important issue for the department is how to best help incoming students prepare for the first year core courses. Most students, even those with relatively strong math backgrounds, find they benefit a lot by reviewing the concepts that they know. For them it is a matter of digging into their mathematical tool-kit and sharpening their tools. A considerable number find that there are gaps in their education and additional preparation is helpful. While all of you will have completed courses in calculus, it is important to have an understanding of the theory of calculus.  To do this you will find it most advantageous if you have completed a course in Analysis . For most, the regular rather than the honors track would be most appropriate. The link to UCLA's introductory course in the mathematics department gives you a good idea of the topics covered in such a course.  Some of the core theorems are important in themselves but most important is learning how to prove that a statement is true (or false.)

Distance learning

The department also provides a set of nine distance learning modules. These are primarily a set of exercises with hints and answers. You are strongly encouraged to work through all of them. Go to the web page and use the top menu to navigate to the Calculus and Algebra Review.

If you find the modules hard, you will need to do some serious summer preparation as we will be moving quite quickly. 
As a first step you can try working though Calculus of Economics. This is a set of Modules currently being used in  UCLA's Masters in Applied Economics. They are designed for eventual use by all UCLA undergraduate majors in economics.

While I always hope that every student will prove to have the needed skills, there are often around 10 students who need additioanal help. See Econ 200 below.

Math Camp

Math Camp offers a set of ten lectures on Mathematical Foundations and a three lecture introduction to the software program MatLab.
The material covered in MathCamp can be found in the three Appendixes and Chapter 1 of Essential Microeconomics. From the top menu of you can navigate to recent slides for Math Camp. You will need to get a password to see some of this material.

The three MatLab sessions are a most important opportunity to develop the skills that you will need for advanced data and numerical analysis.

Diagnostic Quiz

At the end of MathCamp there is a diagnostic quiz on teh topics covered in the ten lectures. Typically at least three quarters of the students do well enough in this quiz to get credit for Econ 200 (offered in the Fall.)  Whether or not you "test out" via the diagnostic quiz, you must still enrol in Econ 200 as a Passing Grade is a pre-requisite for students conttniuning through the first year program.

Please note that whether you are an Economics Doctoral student, an Anderson doctoral student or enrolled in some other UCLA doctoral program, you must take the diagnostic quiz in order to get a PTE for a Fall class.

Econ 200 (continuing students)

Students who do not test out attend a weekly lecture/tutorial and do homework working in small groups. The goal of the course is to build confidence in the utilization of the language of mathematics to understand and derive economic propositions.

Summer 2018

Mathematical Foundations, Instructor: John Riley: Public Affairs (room not yet scheduled)

Introduction to MatLab, Instructor TO BE ANNOUNCED. 
 Pub Affairs: 2400A
  Held in one of the Social Sciences Computing Labs

WEEK 1 (Beginning Wed September 12)

MON TUES WED 9/12 THURS  9/13 FRI  9/14
10-11:30A     Econ 200 Econ 200 Econ 200
1-2:30P   Econ 200    
3:00- 5:00P        

WEEK 2 (Beginning Monday September 17)

MON  9/17 TUES  9/18 WED  9/19 THURS  9/20 FRI  9/21
10-11:30A Econ 200 Econ 200 Econ 200 Econ 200 Econ 200
1-2:30P     Econ 200 Make up*
3:00 - 5:00P   MatLab MatLab MatLab  
6:00 - 10:00         Party Chez Nous***

WEEK 3 (Beginning Monday September 24)

MON  9/24 TUES  9/25 WED  9/26 THURS  9/17 FRI  9/28
10-11:30A Econ 200 Econ 200 Quiz   Fall courses begin  

*A Make up time will only be used if for some reason one of the other classes must be cancelled.

***Celebrate your arrival in LA at our home. All students in Econ 200 invited plus a partner.