1.  What classes do I need for my major?

You can find information about requirements here.

2.  How do I get into my major?

You must complete the pre-major within 135 units excluding AP units. For Economics, come into the undergraduate counseling office in 2263 Bunche Hall to see a counselor. You must have a 2.5 pre-major GPA, and a "C" or better in each course to qualify.
For Business Economics, applications are sent out over Econ-Alert and are accepted only the first three weeks of each quarter. You must complete the pre-major courses with a 3.0 or better and a C or better in each course.
The requirement for non-transfer students is a 3.3 Primary Score. You may determine your eligibility for the major by visiting the Primary Score Calculator and inputting your grades. The requirement for transfer students is either:
1. A minimum 3.5 GPA in Econ 11 and 101 and a 3.3 cumulative UCLA GPA.
2. Have a minimum 3.3 GPA in Econ 11 and 101 and a 3.5 GPA in Econ 11, 101 and all Econ courses taken by the time Econ 101 is completed (must have Econ 11 as a prerequisite) and a 3.3 minimum cumulative UCLA GPA.
*Transfer Students have their first three regular terms to complete their pre-major requirements.

3.  Is there an order to the classes?

All pre-major courses must be taken before you can officially enter the major. Many classes also have prerequisites. Check with the counselors or consult the current schedule of classes for prerequisites. Please note that Economics 11, 101, and 102 must be taken in sequence.

4.  How do I get into a "Business Economics majors only" class?

For Business Economics classes you may not enroll over myUCLA if you are not in the Business Econ major. However, there are two ways to enter Business Economics courses if you are not in that major:

1. Summer classes are not restricted to Business Economics majors
2. If you are a Senior in a Department of Economics major, have a minimum 3.0 in Econ 11 and Econ 101, and a minimum of a 3.2 UCLA GPA, please contact an Economics counselor for more information.

5.  Do I need Economics 103 and 103L if I am an Economics major?

Students admitted to the major Fall Quarter 2011 or later must complete Economics 103 and 103L, and six Economics electives for the major. Students who entered the major prior to Fall Quarter 2011 are not required to take Economics 103 and 103L, although Economics 103/103L is still an option as one of the seven Economics electives. Note that some Economics elective courses will have Economics 103/103L as a prerequisite.

6.  If I drop a class, does that count as a repeat?

A drop does not count as a repeat. Students may not drop "Impacted" classes except due to extreme emergencies. Students needing to drop an impacted class due to an extreme emergency should see College Academic Counseling in A316 Murphy Hall.

You may repeat a class only if you get a "C-" or lower. A drop does not count as a repeat. Students may not drop "Impacted" classes except due to extreme emergencies. Students needing to drop an impacted class due to an extreme emergency should see College Academic Counseling in A316 Murphy Hall.

You may repeat a class only if you get a "C-" or lower. The UCLA College allows students to repeat up to 16 units of courses where the second grade replaces the first in your UCLA GPA. After 16 units, the two grades are averaged into your GPA.

You are allowed to repeat only one pre-major course and may repeat that course only one time .

7.  I want to go abroad, how many economics classes can I take?

Business Economics and Economics majors may take three upper division economics classes. To ensure the classes will count toward the major, students must submit course syllabi from the actual quarter in which the course(s) is being taken to the Undergraduate Counselors for pre-approval.

8.  How do I get into the Department of Economics Honors Program?

You can find information on the Honors Program here.

9.  How do I find out if a class I took at a community college counts here?

If you took pre-major courses at another school, to be accepted into the major, you will need to make sure it is posted on your DARS. The counselor will verify that your grades in those classes are acceptable for you to be accepted into the major (“C” or better). Taking a pre-major course that is equivalent to one of our courses at a community college or another institution will be calculated into your pre-major GPA and will count as a repeat if you receive a grade of “C-“ or below.

10.  What are your office hours? Where are you located?

Our office hours are 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday. We are located in 2263 Bunche Hall.

11.  How do I get into the Specialization in Computing?

As of Fall 2014, the Specialization in Computing has been discontinued. If you took PIC 10A or Math 61 prior to Fall 2014, please come see us in the office.

12.  How do I get into the Accounting Minor?

Click here for more information.

13.  How do I locate one of my professors?

Go to our faculty directory link, to get their email addresses and office locations.

14.  How do I find a tutor?

Current List of Tutors

15.  How do I get information on scholarships, internships, jobs, and any updates on department rules and requirements?

For Department updates, requirement changes, scholarships, and the Busisness Economics application,subscribe to Econ-Alert (for department updates and scholarship information) by adding yourself to the Undergraduate Economics Counseling SSC CCLE website at https://moodle2.sscnet.ucla.edu/course/view/Econ-Counseling. Note: Do not put parentheses around your name.

For job, internships, or any career-related info, please visit the counseling office for more information.

16.  I think I took the wrong statistics class. What do I do?

Please come in to see a counselor.

17.  What if I can't get into Business Economics?

If you have not met the requirements for the Business Economics major, you may still be able to be accepted into the Economics major. See a Department of Economics counselor.

18.  How do I get a PTE?

PTE stands for "Permission to Enroll." PTE's are not given out for undergraduate Economics classes.

19.  Can I start major classes before I am officially accepted into the major?

You may take any economics class as long as it is not restricted and you meet the required prerequisites.

20.  How do I read my DARS?

You can access your DARS from myUCLA. If you need assistance understanding it, see a College counselor or an Undergraduate Economics Counselor for assistance.

21.  Do I need to work before getting an MBA?

Each graduate school has different requirements and preferences. Contact the admission department of the schools you are interested in attending for details.

22.  Can I double-major in Business Economics and Mathematics-Economics?

No. However, if you decide to major in Business Economics, you may decide to pursue other courses, another major, or minor that meets your mathematical interests. If you decide to major in Mathematics-Economics, you can pursue a minor in accounting or take management courses.

23.  Which professors do you recommend?

The best way to learn about professors is by talking to students who have already taken a particular professor's course. There is also http://www.bruinwalk.com for student feedback.

You can also explore the Department of Economics website for information on a professor's interests, research, and background by clicking on the Faculty link on the left side of the page.

24.  Do I have to take the Economics Labs?

Yes. Any course that has an associated lab, it is a co-requisite of the course. You must take the course and affiliated lab together. Economics Labs are designed to give students an opportunity to explore real-world examples in relation to their course.