W. Walker Hanlon




Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
9357 Bunche Hall
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095 whanlon@econ.ucla.edu



Published papers

Do better monitoring institutions increase leadership quality in community organizations? Evidence from Uganda. -- with Guy Grossman
American Journal of Political Science, July 2014, v. 58, pp. 669-686.

Working Papers

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Input Supplies and Directed Technical Change
Status: Conditionally accepted, Econometrica

Agglomeration: A Dynamic Approach
Status: New draft posted July 11, presentation mode Data Appendix

Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in the Urban System: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War
Subsumes "Industry Connections and the Geographic Location of Economic Activity"
Status: New draft posted July 14, presentation mode

The Impact of Industrial Pollution on City Growth: Lessons from the "Dark Satanic Mills"
Status: New draft coming soon