Workshop in Economic Theory

Schedule for Fall 2016

Seminars are held on Thursdays from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. in Bunche Hall 9383, unless otherwise noted.

The workshop organizer is Jay Lu.

Sep 29
Isabel Trevino  (UCSD) : "Informational Channels of Financial Contagion"
Oct 6
Shengwu Li  (Harvard) "Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms"
Oct 13
József Sákovics  (Edinburgh) : "Bidding for Input in Oligopoly"
Oct 20
Itai Ashlagi  (Stanford) "What Matters in School Choice Tie-breaking? How Competition Guides Design (with Afshin Nikzad)"
Oct 27
Alessandro Pavan  (Northwestern) : "Matching Auctions: Experimentation and Cross-Subsidization"
Nov 3
Stephen Morris  (Princeton) "Crises: Equilibrium Shifts and Large Shocks."
Nov 7
Marina Halac  (Columbia GSB) : "Commitment vs. Flexibility with Costly Verification"
Note: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm in Bunche Hall 9383
Nov 10
Michael Powell  (Kellogg) "Policies in Relational Contracts (with Dan Barron)."
Nov 17
Tomasz Strzalecki  (Harvard) : "Speed, Accuracy, and the Optimal Timing of Choices"
Dec 1
Bryony Reich  (Kellogg) "The Diffusion of Innovations in Social Networks"

The workshop features speakers from inside and outside UCLA presenting current research. Presentations focus on advanced topics and recent developments in game theory, information and uncertainty and general equilibrium theory. Student and faculty participants are expected to make a presentation. Following the workshop is further informal discussion at the UCLA Faculty Club, beginning at around 5:30pm. Everyone attending the workshop is invited to attend the informal discussion as well as the formal presentation. When the speaker is from outside UCLA there is ordinarily a dinner following the informal discussion to which attendees are invited to attend.

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