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Randall R. Rojas

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of California at Los Angeles

Adjunct Associate Professor, UCLA

Dr. Randall R. Rojas
Dr. Randall R. Rojas is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics at UCLA. His research interests entail a highly interdisciplinary endeavor that transcends disciplinary barriers. His work in Economics is predominantly in the field of econophysics and financial engineering where he applies principles from physics, statistics and psychology to the study of financial markets. He is also an active researcher in the field of Cognitive Science where he applies Bayesian methodologies to the modeling of knowledge acquisition by humans (human causal learning). His current work in Astrophysics (mainly astrostatistics) focuses on developing novel statistical analyses of the large-scale structure (LSS) of the universe to better understand its rich complexity and history. Dr. Rojas is also highly committed to his teaching responsibilities and was recently awarded the 'My Last Lecture Award' by UCLA’s Alumni Scholars Club (2015 recipient).

Randall R. Rojas

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