Graduate Students

I have served on the following students' Ph.D. committees. I include the department from which they graduated, and first placement.

Xinyu Fan (2017, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business )

Zhuoran Lu (2017, Fudan University)

Nimesh Patel (2016, Finance, University of Hawaii)

Cong Xie (2015, CUHK-Shenzhen)

Brian Waters (2015, Finance, University of Colorado)

Tiago Caruso (2015, Uber)

Semih Uslu (2015, Johns Hopkins)

LinLin Ye (2015, CUHK-Shenzhen)

Minji Kang (2015, KIET)

Andraz Kavalar (2014, CRA)

Yujing Xu (2014, HKU)

George Georgiadis (2013, Operations, Boston Univesity)

Shaun Davies (2013, Finance, University of Colorado)

Nicholas Ross (2012, Accounting, TinyCo)

Pierre-Yves Yannis (2010, UQAM)

James Spindler (2010, UT Austin)

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