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Maurizio Mazzocco


Household Decisions

Household Intertemporal Behavior: A Collective Characterization and a Test of Commitment , Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 74, No. 3 (July 2007): pp. 857-895. Working Paper Version. Table with Results Obtained Using the PSID

Static and Intertemporal Household Decisions (with Pierre Andre Chiappori), Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 55, No. 3 (2017): pp. 985-1045.

A More Measured Approach: An Evaluation of Different Measures of Marriage Rates and Implications for Family Economics (with Mary Ann Bronson), Journal of Demographic Economics , Vol. 84, No. 2 (2018): pp. 189-207.

Cohort Size and the Marriage Market: Explaining Nearly a Century of Changes in U.S. Marriage Rates (with Mary Ann Bronson).

Individual Rather Than Household Euler Equations: Identification and Estimation of Individual Preferences Using Household Data

Labor Supply, Wealth Dynamics, and Marriage Decisions (with Claudia Ruiz and Shintaro Yamaguchi)

Saving Decisions and Risk Sharing

Testing Efficient Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences (with Shiv Saini), American Economic Review, Volume 102, Number 1 (February 2012): pp. 428-468(41).

Erratum to Testing Efficient Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences.

Fortran Files for The Tests in "Testing Efficient Risk Sharing with Heterogeneous Risk Preferences": Test of Homogeneity in Preferences; Efficiency Test Based on Omitted Variables; Efficiency Test Based on Increasing Functions; Statistical and Optimization Files.

Savings, Risk Sharing and Preferences For Risk, American Economic Review, Vol. 94, No. 4, (September 2004): pp. 1169-1182. Working Paper Version.

Explaining the Decline of the U.S. Saving Rate: the Role of Health Expenditure (with Yi Chen and Bela Szemely), International Economic Review, forthcoming.


Estimation with Aggregate Shocks (with Jinyong Hahn and Guido Kuersteiner), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.

Political Economy

Electoral Incentives and the Allocation of Public Funds (with Frederico Finan).

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