Current Teaching

Econ 201c: Game Theory with Asymmetric Information and Applications (for first year PhDs).

Econ 106s: Competitive Strategy (for upper division undergraduates).

Past Teaching at UCLA

Econ 106t: The Economics of E-commerce and Technology (for upper division undergraduates).

Econ 211a: Contract Theory (for second year PhDs)

Econ 271b: Network Economics (for second year PhDs).

Econ 213b: Firm Dynamics (for second year PhDs).

Econ 201b: Game Theory (for first year PhDs).

Econ 11: Intermediate Microeconomics (for sophomores).

Art of Research (for senior PhDs)

Econ 200: Maths for Economists (for entering PhDs)

Past Teaching Elsewhere

Eco 2102: Topics in Micro Theory: Contract Theory (for second year PhD's)

Eco 380: Managerial Economics (for upper division undergraduates)

Eco 385: Information Economics. (for upper division undergraduates).

Eco 2102: Topics in Micro Theory: Auctions, Bargaining and Pricing (for second year PhDs) .

Pre-Enrollment (for entering PhDs).