UCLA Economics Department
Teaching Resources Website
UCLA Resources links to the various forms of financing, technical support and other information available specifically to support faculty and TAs in their duties as teachers.
Technology Resources links to tutorials and web sites that will help you learn to use the ClassWeb, use the myucla gradebook, use List-serv, use Scientific Word, convert to PDF, design webpages, scan, use PowerPoint and use more effectively traditional classroom technologies. There is also a shareware version of a TEX file that has the UCLA dissertation format.
Teaching Technique Resources  contains an organized presentation of the essential teaching techniques and basic information regarding teaching in UCLA based on our Econ 495 seminar. Following the structure of the presentation, a collection of handouts and links to webpages containing concrete teaching tips and information regarding sexual harassment and academic dishonesty are made available to TAs and interested faculty.
The  Class Archive is a gateway to past information about classes.  It includes links to old classweb pages (if they were used), developed TA web pages and, when available, documentation created by former TAs.